How to format your comments in Google+

Are you writing comments on Google+? Are your comments made of boring plain text? Discover how to put some bold, italics, strikethrough, #hashtags and +Marina Mele (google profiles) on them!

Text Formats

Bold, italics and strikethrough texts are obtained by placing a special character before and after the selected text. For example:

*Hello Bold Text*

_Hello Italic text_

-Hello Strikethrough text-

will result in

Hello Bold Text

Hello Italic Text

Hello Strikethrough text

However, one important question is how can you escape these symbols? I mean, sometimes, what you want to write is *Hello* and not just Hello.

The answer is quite simple. These symbols only work when they are surrounded by spaces or end of lines. Therefore, if you want to write something like

Hi Marc, how are you doing?

where the only bold text is “Hi Marc”, you could try to write it like this:

*Hi Marc*, how are you doing?

But note that the second asterisk *, is between the two characters “c” and “,” (and therefore the text “Hi Marc” is not surrounded by spaces or end of lines).  The result of this line would be just

*Hi Marc*, how are you doing?

without the bold text!! One possible solution is to place the second asterisk after the coma, so that there is a space character after the asterisk:

*Hi Marc,* how are you doing?

This will give

Hi Marc, how are you doing?

with the text “Hi Marc,” in bold. Another option would be to write a space between the asterisk and the coma:

*Hi Marc* , how are you doing?

which results in:

Hi Marc , how are you doing?

If you are like me, you will rather prefer the first option to the second one.

Hopefully Google+ will provide a better third option in the future! 🙂

Hashtags and Google+ profiles

Hashtags are quite simple. You just need to type the symbol # and then write the name of the hashtag. Google will suggest some comon names you might want to refer. After having your hasthag name written, you must type enter — otherwise it will not be displayed correctly (it will appear as a plain text instead of as a hashtag).

The last one, google profiles, is similar to the Hashtags. You only need to start writing the + sign, and then, google will automatically recommend some google profiles you want to mention. You can type the name of the profile until the one you want is displayed. Remember to type enter to display the text as a profile insttead of as a plain text.

That’s all! Now, you can start writing awesome Google+ posts! 🙂

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