How to use the HubSpot API with Python

In this post I will explain how to use the HubSpot API using Pyhton.

I will focus in two diferent API requests: the total number of contacts in your database and the number of contacts that belong to one of your HubSpot lists.


You must have an active HubSpot account in order to follow this post, as the main idea is to obtain information of your Portal – like contact’s information, lists of contacts, number of visits, etc – but using Python.

We will use two packages: urllib2 and json. Probably, you have both already installed, as they usually come by default with Python. You can check this by opening Python from your terminal and importing both packages:

$ python

>>> import urllib2, json

If no error is displayed, then you have both packages installed 🙂

In order to have access to the HubSpot API, we need a Key that identify us. You can obtain your HubSpot API Key here. It will ask you to introduce an email and the Hub ID, which you can find at the botom-right of your HubSpot Dashboard page. If you manage multiple accounts, you should select the Dashboard of the account of interest.

Once you receive the Key in your email, create a file named and open it with your favorite text editor:

In linux I prefer emacs:

$ emacs &

In Mac, I normally use Xcode:

$ touch

$ open -a Xcode

Once you opened the file, import the two packages urllib2 and json, and replace the APIKEY_VALUE variable with your API Key.

import urllib2, json

APIKEY_VALUE = “example-api-key-value-0000”

APIKEY = “?hapikey=” + APIKEY_VALUE


The last two lines will help us build the correct url to make the requests.

Total number of contacts

Let us obtain from HubSpot the number of contacts in our database. If you look at the HubSpot Developers documentation endpoints, you will see a list of all the available endpoints. The one that interests us now is:

GET /contacts/v1/contacts/statistics

which for a given portal, returns statistics about the portal’s contacts, including the total number of contacts.

This means that we can access to this information through the url:”example-api-key-value-0000″

which is a string that contains the HS_API_URL, the endpoint of interest and the APIKEY.

When you access this url, you will get a response containing the requested information as a json file.

Let us see how this transforms into Python code: We define a function, getTotalNumberOfContacts, that builds the correct url, requests the information to the HubSpot API, and returns the total number of contacts. After defining the function, we print its results at the end:

def getTotalNumberOfContacts():

    # First, we build the correct url

    xulr = “/contacts/v1/contacts/statistics”

    url = HS_API_URL + xurl + APIKEY

    # Now we use urllib2 to open the url and read it

    response = urllib2.urlopen(url).read()

    # Transform the response, a JSON object, into a Python dictionary object

    statistics = json.loads(response)

    # Finally, return the number of contacts

    return statistics[“contacts”]

print getTotalNumberOfContacts()

Save the file and run it from your terminal:

$ python

You should see the amount of contacts on the screen.

Number of contacts in a given list

Another information that we can request to the HubSpot API is the number of contacts that belong to a given HubSpot list.

Go to your HubSpot account and into Contacts –> Lists. Find the list from which you want to request the number of contacts and select it. Look at your browser, at the url of the list’s information page. You should see something like:

where the first number, here 000000, corresponds to your Hub ID and the second one, here 000, corresponds to the list ID (a unique identifyer of your list).

Go back to the file and write the following code, replacing your list ID in the variable LIST_ID:

LIST_ID = 000
def getNumberOfContactsInList(list_id):
    xulr = “/contacts/v1/lists/” + str(list_id)
    url = HS_API_URL + xurl + APIKEY
    response = urllib2.urlopen(url).read()
    list_info = json.loads(response)
    return list_info[“metaData”][“size”]

print getNumberOfContactsInList(LIST_ID)

We have defined a function that builds the correct url and requests the information to the HubSpot API. Then, it returns the total number of contacts that belong to that list.
Save the file and run it from your terminal:
$ python
You should see first the amount of contacts on the screen and then, the number of contacts in that list.
The full code used in this post is:

However, I would like that you could also access to visits information using the API. If you would be also interested in this functionality, please vote this Idea!!

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