TaskBuster Django Tutorial

I am really excited to present this Django tutorial, made with Django 1.8 and Python 3.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a Django Project from scratch.

I will focus in a simple Task manager project, but the idea is that you can follow this tutorial while building your own project.

Specially during the first posts. And you will be able to download a Django Project Boilerplate too! 🙂

However, this is not a common Django tutorial.

It is much better: it is like a check list to create a complex Django project.

You will learn about security issues, different environments for developing and testing, version control repositories, deployment on Heroku, PostgreSQL configuration, and many more things!


Moreover, while building the TaskBuster project, I’ll try to cover as many Django Best Practices as I can.

Enjoy, and learn as much as you can! 🙂

Ah, and let me introduce you to our main character, you will find it around through this tutorial. It’s a Python with an interesting Hat…

Yeah, that’s our Django pet!

Many thanks to Enric Melé for the design 🙂

Did you start this tutorial with Django 1.7?

Part I – Working environment and start a Django Project

Part IV – Template Inheritance, Website files and Testing with coverage

Part VI – Documenting the TaskBuster Django Boilerplate

TaskBuster Django Project Boilerplate

Part VII.a – Install and Configure PostgreSQL

Part VII.b – Install and Configure MySQL

Part VIII – User Authentication with a Google Account using Django Allauth

Part VIII.b – User Authentication with Twitter using Django Allauth

Part IX – Model creation, OneToOne relations, signals and the Django Admin

Part X – Model creation, ForeignKey relations, testing and the Django Admin


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